216B Series 3

216B Series 3

The Cat B-Series 3 Skid Steer Loader, with its many work tool options, delivers outstanding performance to help you get more done and increase your bottom line. Spacious, ergonomic operator station and easy-to-use pilot operated joystick controls keep you comfortable throughout the work day. High performance power train, advanced hydraulic system and traditional Cat reliability improve your productivity in the toughest working conditions.


Engine Model Cat C2.2
Net Flywheel Power 35 kW
Gross Power – SAE J1995 38 kW
Displacement 2.2 l
Stroke 100 mm
Bore 84 mm
Net Power – SAE 1349/ISO 9249 35 kW
Operating Weight 2581 kg
Rated Operating Capacity 635 kg
Tipping Load 1270 kg
Breakout Force – Tilt Cylinder 1852 kg
Rated Operating Capacity with Optional Counterweight 680 kg
Wheel Base 986 mm
Length – With Bucket on Ground 3233 mm
Length – Without Bucket 2519 mm
Height – Top of Cab 1950 mm
Vehicle Width over Tires 1525 mm
Ground Clearance 195 mm
Departure Angle 26°
Maximum Dump Angle 40°
Bucket Pin Height – Carry Position 200 mm
Bucket Pin Height – Maximum Lift 2854 mm
Bumper Overhang – Behind Rear Axle 967 mm
Clearance at Maximum Lift and Dump 2169 mm
Maimum Reach with Arms Parallel to Ground 1291 mm
Maximum Overall Height 3709 mm
Rack Back Angle – Maximum Height 81°
Reach – Maximum Lift/Dump 505 mm
Turn Radius from Center – Bucket 1944 mm
Turn Radius from Center – Coupler 1195 mm
Turn Radius from Center – Machine Rear 1502 mm
Hydraulic Flow – Standard – Hydraulic Power (Calculated) 23.2 kW
Hydraulic Flow – Standard – Loader Hydraulic Flow 61 l/min
Hydraulic Flow – Standard – Loader Hydraulic Pressure 23000 kPa
ROPS SAE J1040 MAY94, ISO 3471:1994
FOPS SAE J/ISO 3449 APR98 Level I, ISO 3449:1992 Level I
FOPS Level II SAE J/ISO 3449 APR98 Level II, ISO 3449:1992 Level II (optional)
Travel Speed – Forward or Reverse 12.7 km/h
Chain Box – Each Side 6 l
Cooling System 10 l
Engine Crankcase 10 l
Fuel Tank 58 l
Hydraulic System 55 l
Hydraulic Tank 35 l


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