The AP655F is a mid to high production,steel track paver that excels on airports runways, interstates, highways, and other large jobsites. It offers good flotation, excellent durability and superb traction.


Operating Weight – SE60 V Screed only 3400 kg
Standard Paving Range – SE60 V, SE60 V XW, SE60 VT XW 3.0-6.0 m (9′ 10″ – 19′ 6″)
Inside Turn Radius 0.5 m
Maximum Paving Speed – With Tamper Bar Screed 25 m/min
Maximum Paving Speed – With Vibratory Screed 64 m/min
Maximum Travel Speed 6.5 km/h
Gross Power 151 kW
Engine Model Cat C7.1
Fuel Tank Capacity 278 l
Operating Weight – Paver Only 16043 kg
Hopper Capacity 7.1 m³
Maximum Paving Width – SE50 V 6.5 m
Maximum Paving Width – SE50 VT 8 m
Maximum Paving Width – SE60 V 7.65 m
Maximum Paving Width – SE60 V XW, SE60 VT XW 10 m
Maximum Throughput Capacity 1300 tonnes/hr
Standard Paving Range – SE50 V, SE50 VT 2.55-5.0 m (8′ 4″ – 16′ 4″)
DEF Tank 19.1 l
Operating Weight – SE50 V Screed only 3284 kg
Operating Weight – SE50 VT Screed only 3340 kg
Operating Weight – SE60 V XW Screed only 4070 kg
Operating Weight – SE60 VT XW Screed only 4490 kg
Shipping Weight – Paver Only 15757 kg


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