Mining Technology

Mining Technology

The mining industry is as complex as it is competitive. MineStar is a unique set of technologically-empowered packages designed to take the guesswork out of your operation.

MineStar allows you to build customised solutions to overcome the business challenges you face. Select one or all of the services and watch your business improve.



Whether you have two machines or twenty, managing your fleet effectively is central to the success of your operation, particularly in an industry as competitive as yours.

Our machines are equipped with advanced technology to deliver the real-time data you need to keep track of their location, status, and maintenance requirements. You can even monitor the performance of your operators to make informed decision around training and rewards for a job well done.

Machine tracking, assignment and productivity management allow you to deploy your fleet effectively, and that means one thing – a better bottom line.


You take on the toughest terrain imaginable, and the more information you have about the landscape, the better. Our machines are built to understand their environment.

We’ve added technology that allows your operators and site managers to understand the best method of attack. The result is less time wasted and fewer delays that result from unforeseen challenges. Your team will also be able to work in a safer environment.

Advanced guidance technology means that drilling, grading and loading operations run smoothly. Change your business landscape with our Terrain package.


Even the most skilled machine operators can make mistakes, and the consequences are not only potentially fatal, but also damaging to your business.

Our Detect package helps you and your operators alike to understand what’s happening around them at all times. Our machines are advanced enough to deliver proximity warnings and alerts, effectively giving operators eyes in the back of their heads.

Detection technology helps prevent dangerous accidents and gives your operates added confidence, meaning you gain the benefit of better performance and reduced downtime.


Machines cannot take sick leave, but as reliable as they are, the wear and tear of consistently building a business will take their toll. Maintenance is central to effective mining operations.

Technological advances mean that our equipment runs constant self diagnostics in order to give you up-to-date insights into machine performance. Armed with this information, you can plan around scheduled maintenance and avoid machine failure.

Our Health package keeps your business operating at a healthy level, meaning you can focus on advancing operations without the worry of catastrophic downtime.


Take control of your machines and equipment like never before with our Command package, the most advanced mining solution on the market today.

Send your machines into dangerous areas without putting your operators at risk thanks to remote control capability. Remote capability not only means that you can run your entire operation from a safe, centralised point, but also means that you can reduce expenditure around actual operator cost.

New technology gives you power to move and operate selected machines remotely – can you afford not to invest in a solution that will set your operation apart?


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