MD6200 Mining Drill

CAT® MD6200 Mining Drill

The mining drill that combines both ground-breaking performance and CAT proven technology to give you a world-class machine, enabling you to get to work faster with an incredible output.


Cab And Operator For Safety And Comfort

With the smallest shipping envelope in its class, the highly mobile and manoeuvrable MD6200 allows for ease of transportability between mining sites, even with the mast on.

The compact working envelope allows for easy positioning and time saved moving between holes on site.

Cat® 336 excavator-style undercarriage provides increased stability and durability.

CAT Electronics The Backbone Of The Machine

Electronic control strategies deliver performance and fuel consumption benefits.

Engine matched to hydraulics and compressor.

Increased machine efficiency.

CAT Technology Increases Productivity And Efficiency

Pre-split drilling – Vertical to -15° mast angles complement highwall slope.

30° to -15° Angle Drilling Capability

30° to vertical for all facets of rotary blast hole production drilling.


World-Class Transportability Smallest Machine Envelope

Safety and quality comfort and control you expect from a CAT machine.

Ergonomic controls ensure your operator stays alert and avoid fatigue.

Dual-pane glass and three standard cameras provides excellent visibility and ensures safety.

Optional upgrades include a heated, ventilated seat with heavy-duty suspension for operator comfort throughout the shift.

matched powertrain Unparalleled Performance

Equipped with proven CAT electronics.

Troubleshooting is made easy with Cat ET – Cat Electronic Technician.

Track machine performance in real-time with Product Link Elite.

Health and production monitoring has integrated machine protection features and interlocks.

Negative Angle Drilling Versatile Production Machine

Keep your machine running efficiently and productively with machine health and performance monitoring.

Drill depth meter helps reduce over and under-Sdrilling.

Easy Operation with drill assist – including auto level, auto retract jacks, auto raise and lower mast, and auto drill.

Ready for Cat Terrain.

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