2007 mm (79 in)

2007 mm (79 in)

Cat® Dozer Blades are designed for rough and finish grading in dirt and gravel, and light dozing. With their 6-way capabilities, dozer blades are better suited for finish grade work in construction and landscaping applications.


Overall Width 2007 mm
Width – Fully Angled 1750 mm
Blade Height 619 mm
Cutting Edge Thickness 16 mm
Length 1028 mm
Maximum Blade Angle – Right/Left of Center ±30 degrees
Required Hydraulic Flow 49-125 L/min (13-33 gpm)
Tilt ±10 degrees
Weight 491 kg
Optimum Hydraulic Pressure 206-310 bar (3000-4500 psi)
Required Hydraulics Standard Flow


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